Our Team

Nigel Lee, Founder of Beautiful Love Wedding

Nigel Lee, Co-Founder & CEO

Nigel Lee co-founded Beautiful Love Wedding with his wife, Audrey Soh, with the aim to create beautiful love weddings for couples in Singapore. With a keen eye on detail, Nigel helps the brand source for quality wedding gowns and talented individuals in the bridal industry. He also leads the bridal industry to have the first CASETRUST accredited bridal shop in Singapore. Currently, Nigel Lee is the chief designer for the menswear apparel of Areggio, the sister brand of Beautiful Love Wedding. Areggio is also the official menswear for Manhunt Singapore 2017 and Face of Singapore 2017.

Creative Director of Beautiful Love Wedding

Emma Lee, Creative Director

Born in South Korea, Emma Lee joined Beautiful Love Wedding in August 2017 as its Creative Director. She is involved in the artistic direction of the studio, boutique, model shoots as well as providing tips for the brand on newest trend in the wedding gowns industry. She was the fashion director of famous Korean High Cut magazine. With her experience and creativity, couples can therefore expect the best out of her and Beautiful Love Wedding. 

Jeffrey, head of photography of beautiful love wedding

Jeffrey Lim, Head of Photography

Jeffrey Lim leads the photography department of Beautiful Love Wedding. He specialises in pre-wedding photography, studio photography and fashion photography. He believes that a good photographer has to commit to perfection. Because of this belief, Jeffrey’s photography has been constantly receiving compliments from many satisfied customers. With passion, continued learning attitude and a strong commitment to capture the best moments in life, Jeffrey’s photography skills continue to surpass many of his predecessors.

Su Jin, Make Up Artiste, Beautiful Love Wedding

Do Sujin, Makeup Artist

Sujin Do is our in-house South Korean makeup artist. She earned her qualifications as a professional make up artiste and hairstylist at a well-known institute in South Korea.  Other than her makeup services, customers also know her for her great sense of humour. Occasionally, Sujin will share her makeup tips and knowledge at wedding workshops and trainings. If her schedule is free, she can be your actual day wedding makeup artist too!

Lin Hui Jun, Assistant Designer

Hui Jun works at the design and tailoring department of Beautiful Love Wedding. Her forte is in gown designing, dress making and apparel customisation. Customers like Hui Jun for her patience and expertise.

Other team members includes,

  • Ms Grace Liew – Sales & Service Manager
  • Ms Hailey Lee – Wardrobe Manager and Makeup Artist
  • Yvonne Ng – Sales Representative
  • Mr Gao Ming – Graphic Designer
  • Jacky – Marketing Representative