10 practical wedding favours your guests will want

Every couple wants their wedding to be unique; from the corsage and getaway car to the food and drinks served. But with more than a million and one wedding ideas and inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest and online forums, it can be challenging to come up with something special.

If your goal is to make your big day a memorable one for your guests, all you need to do is make small changes to your wedding favours. Instead of tweaking your wedding theme, consider getting gifts that your guests will keep and or use. After all, it is a waste of hard earned money if your guests are going to trash the favours as soon as they get home. Here is a list of practical wedding favours to keep in view, we guarantee that you will be smitten – it is a promise.

#1. Water bottles

Water bottles make the perfect wedding favour because they will come in handy on a hot day. Plus the weather in Singapore is warm and humid all year round, it is good to remind your guests to stay hydrated.  Of you can afford to spend on printing, go ahead and print a meaningful message on each bottle.

#2. Journals

Mini moleskin journals can make really quirky favours – that is if you and your significant other pens your well wishes on the very first page inside of each notebook. Don’t forget to sign off!

#3. Tote bags with positive messages

There is nothing cuter than tote bags that sport happy and meaningful messages. Guests can use them, anytime, or display them in their homes. The good thing about tote bags printed is you can customise each bag for each guest – that is if you have the time!

#4. Traditional English teacups

For the culture-loving couple, traditional English teacups complement the wedding party and add a touch of finesse to the entire ceremony. Your guests can use them at home or in their workplace.

Alternatively, you can stuff each teacup with a nicely scented candle. To add a personal touch to your wedding favour, choose a scent that has significance to you and your spouse.

#5. Bath salts

Bath salts are definitely a unique and practical favour that have a place in every guests’ bathroom.

#6. Shot glasses

If your guests are drinkers and stock all kinds of liquor in their homes, shot glasses make the ideal wedding favour. You can easily get them at bargain prices from Alibaba and or Aliexpress.

#7. Luggage tags and passport covers

Singaporeans love to travel, regardless of the occasion. What better way to celebrate your big day and the nation’s pastime in going places than to gift ever yone luggage tags and passport covers!

#8. Key tags

You know your guests will be thinking of you every time they leave and return to their homes. Key tags are functional items and they are highly affordable. You can also buy custom-made key tags on popular online stores like Etsy[dot]com.

Besides, there is no other wedding favour that will give your guests a sense of homeliness than a key tag. Welcome home!

#9. Dried fruit tea bag  

Keep your wedding favour sweet and simple with a nice scented bag of fragrant dried fruit tea. Your guests can display them anywhere at home and each time they see the bag, they will be reminded of you.

#10. Hand-made photo frames

Here is a wedding favour that definitely has a place in your guests’ house and or office table. And if you want your guests to use them, don’t put your favourite wedding photo inside the frame.