10 Unique proposal ideas

A beautiful pre wedding photo of our lovely couple - Janice + Hanley
A beautiful pre wedding photo of our lovely couple - Janice + Hanley

A beautiful pre wedding photo of our lovely couple – Janice + Hanley

Getting engaged is one of life’s major milestones, hence the need for a memorable (and romantic) proposal. But working up the courage to pop the question to your significant other can be a nerve-wracking experience, let alone dreaming up a hundred and one romantic ways that will get your significant other to say “Yes” right on the spot.

Furthermore, the story of how you proposed to your significant other will be told to relatives, friends, co-workers and, possibly, strangers at your wedding party and dinner. So it is better to be creative and put a spin on any one of these romantic ideas. Here are 10 unique proposal ideas that are both romantic and memorable, we bet your significant other will agree when you pop the question.

#1. Go scavenger hunting

Scavenger hunt games are a great pastime for both the young and old. For couples who love the great outdoors, scavenger hunts provide a wealth of opportunity for active fun – and you can use this activity to propose to your significant other. And it is easy. All you need to do is plan how and when (either in the middle or towards the end of the game) to pop the question.

#2. Make a puzzle or riddle with the proposal in mind

If your significant other enjoys playing puzzle games and solving riddles, take this chance to design a puzzle or riddle that ends with the proposal in mind. Not only are puzzle games and solving riddles mentally stimulating, but they also take the proposal out of your significant other’s mind, thus increasing the level of surprise.

#3. Go out for a night of dancing at your favorite club…

And ask the DJ to do the honors.

#4. Or ask your Member of Parliament to do the honors with the neighbors in your community to witness your proposal

Aww… Isn’t that sweet?

#5. Take out a full-page advertisement in the newspaper to pop the question!

If taking out a full-page advertisement is too expensive, the alternative is to buy a radio airtime space and ask the deejays to air your proposal – be sure that your fiancé is listening when your proposal is on air.

#6. Plan a romantic getaway and pop the question over a romantic four- or five-star dinner

A fail-proof and intimate way to ask your significant other for his/her hand in marriage, going on a romantic getaway is an ideal way to propose.

#7. Get your significant other that puppy, kitten, guniea pig, rabbit or favorite pet that he/she has been yearning to care for

Looking after a pet is a huge responsibility and requires serious commitment from you and your significant other. If you want to prove to your significant other that you are committed to the relationship, willing to take care of a pet and wish to take your relationship a step further – go ahead and get the pet you both have been wanting to care for.

#8. Get your significant other his/her favorite book and hollow out the inside of it to place your engagement notice and ring…

And think of a creative way to frame the book!

If you have the time and the know-hows to create your own book, you can name your creative invention ‘The Next Chapter’.

#9. Use scrabble to pop the question!

Cannot think of a unique way to ask for your boy or girlfriend’s hand in marriage? With scrabble, the tongue-tied and or dull Joe/Jane will find it way much easier to express his or her innermost feelings

#10. Give your significant other a sensual massage on his/her left hand and pop the marriage question

You can also take this chance to slip on an engagement ring – that is if you wish to sweeten up the atmosphere and make your proposal official.

Beautiful Love Wedding’s tip: Instead of saying, “Will you marry me?” ask “May I have the honor of spending the rest of my life with you?” Sometimes an indirect question sounds subtle and adds a dash of romance than a straightforward one.

Also, tell him/her what you really feel and how much he/she means to you. Don’t be shy. Your future spouse will want to hear from you how you truly feel about each other.