5 Tips on choosing your wedding cinematographer

wedding cinematography

wedding cinematography

Wedding videos capture the magical moments of a couple’s big day. The sights, sounds, emotions and expressions. When you look back on your wedding video years from now, you will want to see more than just the lovely, romantic and pretty details; it is crucial to find a wedding cinematographer who is able to capture all the details of your wedding and who understand both you and your significant other’s needs and wants.

Here are some tips on choosing your wedding cinematographer.

#1. Decide on the video style you want

Video taking and editing styles differ from one cinematographer to another. If you are looking for a wedding video that plays like a Channel News Asia documentary series, your best bet would be to hire a creative who can deliver journalistic-style – or some might say “shoot fly-on-the-wall type” – videos.

Beautiful Love Wedding’s Tip: If you are unsure what video style you want, logon to video-sharing website Vimeo and start browsing for wedding videos or videos you like. Alternatively, you can ask your married friends and family members for advice on how they got their cinematographers or videographers to film their big day.

#2. Get to know your cinematographer – interview as many cinematographers you can

One of the best ways to get to know a cinematographer fast is to call him or her up for an appointment and ask him/her as many questions you can, including sensitive ones like price. Think of it as a job interview session – you need to know whether the cinematographer that you are going to be working with is able to understand both your needs and wants, and deliver the desired video and editing style that you are looking for. Most importantly, you want to find out if you are able to get along well with the cinematographer(s) that you are interviewing.

Beautiful Love Wedding’s Tip: Find three to five potential cinematographers and schedule a time to meet them. Take your time in browsing their portfolio and find out what video editing software they use. To help you with your search for the ideal wedding cinematographer, start browsing Vimeo for past projects. You can also browse photography-related websites like Model Mayhem for each cinematographer / videographer / video production company’s portfolio.

If a cinematographer you stumbled upon online does not have a website and or a Vimeo account, or it the website and videos are poorly designed and edited, take it as a sign that the person is not suitable. Keep looking!

#3. Tell all, trust your cinematographer(s) with your personal stories…

So they can plan their creative direction. Nothing beats sharing your personal stories with your wedding cinematographer and his crew! Do not be shy, fill your cinematographer in on key relationships or things that many not be obvious at first glance, like the fact that you met your significant other coincidentally at a casual restaurant.

In essence, do not be afraid to share the good, bad and ugly with your cinematographer. All these stories give your cinematographer a clear picture of your relationship with your significant other and they will help him/her in planning your desired wedding video.

#4. Think you got the right cinematographer? Trust your instincts

If you think you have found the right cinematographer for your wedding, trust your gut – not your head. Sometimes thinking a little too much might delay (and possibly foil!) your wedding plans.

What are you waiting for? It is time to shake hands, sign the deal and pass the cheque to your hired creative.

#5. Still can’t decide? Ask your bridal gown studio or hired photographer to recommend a cinematographer

Your bridal studio will be able to provide you with a list of names; some recent film and journalism graduates from the universities may even offer cinematography services for a reduced fee just to gain some work experience.

In fact, most bridal studios have their own preferred cinematographers, freelancers or video production companies they work with on a frequent basis. And chances are, they are good. Ask and you will receive.