7 Tips to Choose a Good Bridal Shop in Singapore

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Choosing a quality bridal shop in Singapore is neither easy or difficult. Amidst a number of bridal shops in Singapore, it is important for the couple to choose a good one. This is because for the wedding is a once-a-lifetime event for every couple.

There is a mass numbers of bridal shops in Singapore, among which, there are good bridal shop brands as well. Here are the 7 tips to select a good bridal shop.

1. Quality of Wedding Gowns and Suits

Often, there are cases where couples signed packages at urgent low package prices and discover the gowns and suits may not be what they had expected in the quality. Therefore, it is important to look for bridal shops that have a consistent focus on good quality gowns.

2. Style of Wedding Photographer

Just like music, each wedding photographer has different styles in terms of photography. Before signing on the dotted line, ask the bridal representatives to show you samples of their raw pre wedding photography and actual day wedding photography. Expert photographers are skillful such that its photos are fantastic even before editing.

3. In-House Wedding Gown Designer

Good bridal studios invested their capital on employing its own in-house wedding gown designer, who will be managing the tailor team and creating his or her unique style and design of wedding gown for the bridal shop. Some bridal shops without their wedding gown designers may not design their unique label wedding gowns. Bridal shops with in-house wedding gown designer have wedding gowns uniquely for their brides-to-be.

4. Follow Up From Your Bridal Representative

A good bridal shop trains its bridal representatives very well in doing close follow up with the couples from their first meeting, to their pre wedding photography, photos selection and all the way to their wedding day. Great stewardship, service and an astounding attitude is a good quality of a bridal representative.

5. After Sales Service

Once the wedding is over, it is not over yet between a good bridal shop and its customers. To them, it is a beginning of a good customer service relationship with the clients. So look for good bridal shops with genuine customers testimonials.

6. Innovative and New Wedding Gown Selection

A good bridal shop focuses a lot on getting new wedding gowns design as well as consistently creating great innovative concept in the industry. A good bridal shop, irregardless of its size, will not recycle its collection too much. It’ll make sure that its  customers will constantly have new wedding gowns with unique designs every now and then.

7. Reasonable Price

Mass conventional bridal studios may tend to get customers by attracting them with low pricing. Consumers have to look beyond price and focus more on quality. A good bridal shop has reasonably fair price for its pre wedding and actual day wedding packages, while adds more value to the clients in terms of service, value and care.

So there you have, the 7 tips to choose a good bridal shop in Singapore. Have fun browsing!