8 Signs that you are ready for marriage

Our loving couple, Felice and Eugene

Thinking of going from “in love” to “Mr & Mrs”? It does not take much thinking to know that you are ready for marriage. There are tell-tale signs that you are truly ready to settle down with your significant other. For instance, if you love your significant other for who he/she is and think of seeing him/her from morning to night, congratulations! You are ready to change your relationship status. Here are eight tell-tale signs that you are ready for marriage.

And, hey, if you are not ready to tie the knot, do not fret – your relationship will evolve over time.

  1. You trust your partner

Lasting marriages are built on a foundation of trust. Before marriage, a couple must learn to establish trust, cultivate trust through his/her actions and words, and work to maintain it. Why? Trust in marriage is extremely vital for marriage to survive. Thus, relationships that are not anchored on trust will not weather through turbulent times. If you trust your partner to the extent that you do not check on his/her text messages, you are ready to take your relationship to a higher level.

  1. You know your partner

Love alone is not enough for a marriage to sustain. No matter how long you have been together with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to understand each other. Or else your marriage is headed for bitter divorce. Writing for Psychology Today, psychologist, relationship expert and executive coach Jeffery Bernstein states: “Couples that bite the dust and divorce typically have suffered a breakdown and understanding, also known as empathy. Countless individuals reflect back on failed marriages and say, “I guess we just drifted apart.” I don’t believe they have “drifted apart”; what likely happened is that they relied on their love versus understanding to get them through difficult challenges and the passage of time.”

  1. You communicate well and often

A lasting marriage thrives on communication – that is, the open exchange of emotions, desires and beliefs. If you do not talk to your significant other and expect him/her to understand your needs, wants, thoughts and ideas, your marriage is not going to work. In an interview with Business Insider, therapist Dr. Mike McNulty says successful couples like Mark Zuckerburg and Francois-Henri Pinault make time every day to talk to their significant other in person or by phone, and about one another’s lives. That is why their marriage is as successful as their careers and or businesses.

  1. You resolve conflicts together

It is absolutely normal for a couple to quarrel from time to time – it is part of what it means to be together. But how you deal with conflicts as a couple matters: it is an indicator of how successful you marriage will be. After all, there is absolutely no way to avoid conflicts in a relationship, let alone marriage.

Says Professor Preston Ni, author of bestselling book ‘How to communicate effectively and handle difficult people’: “Successful couples have the ability to solve problems and let it go. They focus on taking care of the issue rather than attacking the person.

“Even when angry, they find ways to be upset and stay close at the same time. Once the matter is resolved, they forgive and forget. More importantly, successful couples have the ability to learn and grow through their interpersonal difficulties. Like fine wine, their relationship improves with age and gets better over time.”

  1. You make long-term plans together

For a marriage to be successful, McNulty says couples must remain committed to one another first before anything or anyone else. “Each partner has to be able to trust that the other has his/her back, that they intend to do all they can to understand and support one another. The relationship must come first.”

Once you have decided to commit to each other, you need to make plans together, of course, for your future. And if you are already doing that, great. You are ready for marriage.

  1. Your family likes your partner and his family

In Eastern culture, a marriage is not only seen as a union between two individuals but also between two families. After marriage, families tend to share important resources such as social networks, business contacts. Therefore, the relationship between the couple and their families is important. If your family members are fond of your significant other, that is good news. You can go ahead and propose to your partner.

  1. You cannot imagine life without your partner

No offense to your mum and dad, but if you are in love with each other, you cannot imagine life without him/her.

  1. You stopped using singular nouns

Instead of using ‘I’, ‘him’ or ‘her’, you use words like ‘we’ and or ‘us’ when describing your relationship status to others.

Thanks for reading this far. We sincerely wish you and your beloved a beautiful marital bliss! Enjoy marriage life!