Actual Day Wedding Photography Tips: A Little Help from Brothers and Sisters

Congratulations on hosting the biggest event of your life, your actual day wedding! In Singapore, an actual day wedding event would mean long hours of fun from the morning gatecrash, tea ceremony, registration of marriages, wedding luncheon or wedding dinner event. As the main stars of the day, the bride and the groom, you have to maintain high level of energy and put on that beautiful and handsome smiles throughout the day.

The experience and skills of your actual day wedding photographer is highly important, for he or she has to have the ability to capture beautiful moments of your actual day. There would be a few hours of your actual day wedding where brothers and sisters would play a huge part in your wedding days photos. Hence just remember these five tips to have the best help from them (in the photos).

Tip#1 Wear a Uniform Theme!

Make sure your bridesmaid (sisters!) and grooms men (brothers!) have a uniform attire so that it’s look good on the entire actual day wedding photography effect!

Tip #2 Find the Best Location Nearby

With the help of a resourceful photographer, you can plan a simple detour to a location nearby to take some beautiful wedding photos together. Best to do, is to plan ahead!

Tip #3 That Special Pose

Do the research for some cool and special group poses that makes fantastic memory for your actual day photography. Or let the experienced actual day wedding photographer help with the creativity.

Tip #4 Conserve energy for Smiles!

It’s a once a lifetime happy event and a long, long day, so put on that gorgeous smile and always be ready for the camera.

Tip #5 Have Fun!!

Be in your best form for your wedding day and have fun with your brothers and sisters. Be always thankful to them as they spend their time to be part of this important day for both you and your spouse. You gonna remember this for the rest of your life!

Above are some creative actual day wedding pictures with the brothers and sisters. Have fun!

[Thanks to the lovely couple, Xiang Yun + James, and their friends for the picture. Brought to you by Beautiful Love Wedding.]