Actual Day Wedding – What to Say on Your Thank You Speech

actual day wedding

During the actual day wedding event, sometimes due to multi-tasking of many preparations prior to your actual wedding day event. Plus all the excitement and high spirit mood during the actual day wedding and when emotions run high as well. Sometimes, it would make one nervous and not sure what to say during your thank you speech of the wedding.

Here are some tips on delivering your best thank you speech at your actual day wedding.

#1 Prepare the Script in Advance

It is always important to prepare the script in advance such that in your thank you speech, you would not leave out any important people you want to thank at the wedding especially the parents and parents-in-law. Once you draft out your speech, discuss with your spouse to see which part of the speech you want each to say.

#2 Rehearse at least once

Take some time to rehearse the thank you speech at least one time before your actual day wedding. You need to feel as if it is the actual day, take note of what you going to say and how you going to deliver that in a smooth manner.

#3 Be Sincere

Sincerity in your actual day wedding speech can be felt by your audience, if you put in your 100 percent efforts in delivering your best speech.

#4 Control the Emotions

There were times when the bride, the groom or both of them cried on stage as they delivered the wedding speech. Though these are all tears of joy and happiness, it is important to keep cool and composed throughout. Practise and cry more during the rehearsals, but when it comes to the actual day wedding, be cool and confident!

#5 Control the Timing

Always keep your actual day wedding thank you speech at a time between 5 to 7 mins. Anything that is too long may make the audience lose the attention and focus more on the cuisine on the dining table. Any speech that is too short, may show to the audience that you are being hasty and unprepared. So control the timing and be a confident speaker on stage!

Your thank you speech at your actual day wedding can be as short as a 5 minute speech. However the hours and efforts spent on preparing for it can be very long and something worthwhile as well. So, be ready for the best wedding speech of your life!