Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding Gowns by Beautiful Love Wedding

Looking for a wedding gown with a fairytale theme? On November 25 2018, Beautiful Love Wedding successfully launched its Alice’s Wonderland Gown collection at the prestigious Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore. The collection has nine unique dresses which design is largely inspired by the characters of this beloved fable. 

“The world famous author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, had created this fairytale land out of his imagination. Each story character has their unique character and style. Hence, it gives us the inspiration to make dresses that has these individual characteristics and style similar to the story. Every bride will have the ideal wedding gown that fits their own style, character and preference. We hope they can find their dream dress in this collection.”

said Nigel Lee, the co-founder of Beautiful Love Wedding

Brides-to-be who are looking to wear a magical wedding gown for their big day might want to try on one of these dresses at our boutique. First, let’s check out the individual dress pics!

1. Alice by Beautiful Love Wedding

alice in wonderland wedding dress

The bright blue colour of the wedding dress is in line with the main character of the original story. By adding a classical flowered lace embroidery onto this dress, it adds a little magical touch to it.

2. Mad Hatter by Beautiful Love Wedding

The original idea for this wedding dress is black-white tuxedo approach. However, we changed our design direction by creating something that is more glitzy and glittering, just like the Mad Hatter who is always thinking wild. Therefore, this silver sparkling wedding gown was born.

3. McTwisp by Beautiful Love Wedding

Another important character in the story is Nivins McTwisp, the white rabbit who is always rushing for time! For this white wedding dress, we add a flurry flare that looks like a rabbit tail.

4. Tweedle Twins by Beautiful Love Wedding

The original idea for the twins’ dresses in Alice’s Wonderland is adding identical stripes. Instead of stripes, we changed the dresses design by making it into a two piece tonality evening dress.

5. Chesire by Beautiful Love Wedding

purple wedding dress singapore

The magical Chesire Cat is another significant character in the story. Purple and magenta pink are two stunning colours that add a magical feel to this wedding gown. 

6. Red Queen by Beautiful Love Wedding

We want the Red Queen wedding dress to look grand on our brides-to-be’s wedding day. Therefore, we make the red looks sparkling red.

7. White Queen by Beautiful Love Wedding

This dress portrayed a grand yet gentle look on our brides to be. Victorian styled embroidery were hand sewn onto this wedding gown to give it a noble feel.

8. Mallymkun by Beautiful Love Wedding

Another beloved character of Alice in Wonderland is the drunkard dormouse named Mallymkun. Light turquiose colour with multi layered laces add comfort and style to this cool wedding dress.

Check out the video below for the photoshoot of our Alice’s Wonderland collection.

So have you decided the dress for your fairytale wedding event? 

These dress are available for rental. We can also help you design a wedding gown that fits your imagination and wedding event theme. Make an appointment with us today!