Areggio by NIGEL LEE


About Areggio

Areggio was derived from the Italian word, ‘Arpeggio’ which means a musical chord that is sung in an increasing or decreasing order, like a layer of cloth over another. To make our men suits look better and more unique, we add a layer of texture, colour and design to it, thus giving each suit its own style and character. Areggio by NIGEL LEE is available for rent or for sale (made-to-measure) at Beautiful Love Wedding boutique. Make an appointment today.

About Nigel Lee

Nigel Lee has more than a decade of experience in the wedding apparel and retail fashion industry. Realising that wedding suit design in Asia is seemingly repetitive over the past decades, he personally designed and introduced the first batch of Areggio by NIGEL LEE suits in early 2017 for a group of friends and customers.  His opportunity came when he was tasked to design the suits for the twenty finalists of Manhunt Singapore 2017. Presently, Nigel is also one of the focus group members of a local design school, who has contributed his ideas to the Diploma course in Apparel Design.


After Manhunt 2017, the feedback for Areggio by NIGEL LEE was very well received by many such that Nigel got more orders from his personal friends. In 2018, Areggio by NIGEL LEE was once again awarded as the official formal wear for Manhunt Singapore 2018.

In less than 2 years, Areggio by NIGEL LEE was worn by several renowned Asian celebrities such as Nathan Hartono 向洋, Paul Foster, Wallace Ang 洪圣安, Dennis Chew and more. You might say that Areggio by NIGEL LEE was accidentally shot to fame. However, it was Nigel’s dedication to perfection, that makes Areggio unique as its own. In January 2019, the brand was officially launched and available for customers in Singapore.


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(Please note that due to a tight work schedule, Nigel Lee can only serve ten to twelve customised orders in a month. We apologise for the inconvenience.)
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