Black Colour Wedding Gowns

Times have changed. Young couples, especially, no longer believe in such tales. Many brides are beginning to choose dark coloured gowns to wear. And of course, that includes the colour Black.


Cygne Noir by Beautiful Love Wedding - a gorgeous black wedding dress for our brides-to-be!

Cygne Noir by Beautiful Love Wedding – a gorgeous black-white wedding dress for our brides-to-be!

Why do brides wear black wedding gowns these days?

Times have changed. Instead of having a not so good connotation to black wedding gowns, black gowns these days are thought of as elegant and mysterious, and hold a status of power. When one is dressed in black, u feel like u are in control.

Some brides wear black, to complement the groom. The groom usually puts on a formal black suit on their wedding day, and a black wedding gown will definitely go hand in hand with the groom’s attire. The wedding photos will turn out beautiful too if the couple are both in black, both in symphony.


Weddings are mostly held in ballrooms, where the lightings are dim and romantic. A black colour wedding gown will make the bride look stunning under the light. The bride can also add crystals to the gown, to enhance the look of the entire wedding dress. Wearing shimmering accessories will also make the gown stand out amongst the crowd.

Black is getting more and more popular these days, and it is no longer thought of as unpromising or cursed to be in a black wedding gown anymore. People are more educated and hence, more open-minded too. Black has been increasingly being accepted to be worn on wedding days, so do keep it as an option too! No harm trying on a black gown to see if it suits u. You never know, you may just fall in love with black!