Bridal Separates – Two-Piece or Not Two-Piece?

For some rare breeds of beautiful brides, an “ordinary” one-piece bridal gown just won’t do. For an expecting mother ready to walk down the aisle or a plus-size bride with a robust figure that looks stunning when flattered just “so”, there are some chic alternatives to be mined in chic two-piece bridal separate wedding dresses. These are incredibly elegant gowns made for women supremely gorgeous figures that traditional bridal designers sometimes don’t have in mind.


Like any wedding dress, a two-piece gown isn’t for everyone. Could bridal separates be the scintillatingly gorgeous gown solution you’ve been browsing for? Well, maybe, maybe not.


  • Right Dress for The Right Figure

No two women are created equal and we’re about as likely to converse with a unicorn as we are to meet one who is perfectly proportionate up top and near the bottom. Two-piece separates afford busty brides, those with strikingly wide or particularly modest hips or any other combination of curves with a chance to mix and match tops and bottoms of differing sizes. The result is a perfectly stunning gown that doesn’t force a compromised fit that’s unflattering to one half and begging for pricey alterations in the other.


  • Variety

The variety is even richer than just pairing two different sizes for a perfectly flattering fit. If you’re curious to toy with each piece’s decorative elements to accent the top or bottom in subtle and flattering ways, then the world’s your oyster. A flattering top and full skirt is a superb combo for generously endowed brides. Meanwhile, a pear-shaped bride can amplify her allure with a perfectly sleek skirt and padded bustier combo. Explore shades, decorations, embellishments and fits all you care to.


  • Pregnant Brides

Unfortunately, there are far too few designers who envision gorgeous gowns with pregnant brides in mind. A two-piece wedding dress solves the problem with no muss and no fuss. Either a fitted or flowing silhouette up top complements a belly-downplaying skirt with an elastic panel so as to draw attention away from where it isn’t exactly desired.


  • Jackets

Consider it an underestimated advantage of bridal separates: the option to play around with adding a jacket of the dress’ same material and style to the dress. All the better if you care to wear one embellished with luminous crystals, pearls and beads for a fancy, glimmering chic feel. Not only is a jacket one more canvas for some thoughtful embellishments, there isn’t a body type under the sun that it can’t flatter, in addition to offering up an option to hide arms a lady may feel a touch self-conscious toward. To top it all off, the jacket is always removable to be more comfortably and casually attired during the reception.