Brothers, let’s Crash the Gate!

actual day wedding group photo

Behind every beautiful group photo of the wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen, lies a series of happening activities before the couple meet on their wedding day.


Gate Crash is a Must Have in most weddings. The bridesmaids or the ‘Sisters’ of the bride will plan a series of ‘obstacles’ for the Groomsmen or the ‘Brothers’ to pass before he is allowed to get to his beloved bride who will be waiting in the room (anxiously of course). 

Usually the sisters will start by asking for a red packet. The brothers, of course, always play along by giving them a HUGE amount of money inside. ONE MILLION RUPIAH! and some even have a couple of TEN THOUSANDS of Monopoly Money. 

After that the brothers will have to go through the ‘Suan Tian Ku La’, which means ‘Sour Sweet Bitter and Spicy’ stage. They will be given food or drinks which are extremes of these 4 tastes, all beautifully prepared by the sisters. This symbolizes and tells the groom that every marriage has its Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy times, and no matter what, he has to bear with them. Sometimes, the food prepared can be a tad too overbearing, and that’s where the brothers come in to help the groom finish up everything. No one hopes for a Groom with an upset tummy on his big day!

Other ‘stages’ can involve singing a song, or performing a dance with ‘props’ like miniskirts or bikinis for the brothers to put on. Dances are hilarious! Usually the sisters will choose the most trendy song at the moment. There used to be many dances of ‘Nobody’ to  ‘Gam Nam Style’ to the lately oh-so-popular Retro ‘Un-un-un-Believable’ dance where the groom holds a stalk of Broccoli and flings it away at the end!

Sisters have also made life difficult by freezing the room key to the bride in a HUGE block of ice and the groom has to melt it to reach the Precious KEY in the middle. Some made the Groom and his brothers run funny errands, strip, do Yoga poses and many others.

Lastly, a Super Long List of Promises will be presented to the Groom who will read them Out LOUD, so the bride can hear his promises to her, topped with a thumbprint or lipstick kiss of the Groom marked on it as proof.

Then, FINALLY! AT LAST! The Groom is allowed to open the door to fetch and kiss his Bride. 

What a tedious process to have to go through at the start of the wedding day! Albeit tiring, many grooms and their band of brothers still braved the storm and it’s difficulties. All these FUN and Exciting moments will be captured by the Photographer and Videographer who will be busy capturing all the Candid shots with Funny expressions. And it’s all worth it when your guests start laughing over the Gate-Crash Video shown during the wedding dinner.

Anyways, it’s Once in a Lifetime. So Grooms-to-be, and the brothers, WHY NOT?!  Start Gearing up and CHIONG AH!