Choosing the Right Gown to Suit Your Body Shape

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Choosing a wedding dress for your big day is definitely fun, despite hectic work. There are many things you need to consider before selecting a dress, such as, your body shape, the style of the wedding gown, as well as the color and the theme of your wedding.

There are different kinds of wedding gowns styles for different types of physique. One wrong choice can ruin your big day. Some tips to choose the right dress are:

  • The Empire Dress is perfect for the Plus sized It should be perfectly fitted with your shape as loose dress will make you look bigger than you are.
  • Ladies who are Bustier can wear scooped neckline and strapless dresses, such as sweetheart top. This will distract the attention away from the chest area.
  • Ladies with smaller chests can wear a bodice with pleats and frills as they will bring out the body shape and make them look more curvy.
  • For the Apple-Shaped ladies, avoid the trumpet shaped dresses which tend to emphasize the parts of your body that are widest. The dress with corset style and deep V-neckline will suit perfectly.
  • Tall ladies have to flaunt their body shape. The floor length dress with lower waist line and the simpler wedding gown will bring out the elegance perfectly.
  • For the Petite ladies, the wedding gown should be above your waist, so it will make your lower body appear longer. The detailing on the wedding dress should not be too flamboyant too.

These are some of the ideas for the ladies to help them choose the best wedding dress for their special day. Do remember to complete your look with the right selection of material and embellishments.