Choosing The Right Hairstyle On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the biggest and most important day of your life and you want to make sure that everything is almost perfect especially for you, the bride. People are looking forward to seeing you, what you are wearing, how you look and everything else related to you on that day. Hence, this is why it is important that you are well prepared for your wedding day

When it comes to choosing the right hair style for your big day, your choices would depend on what looks good on you. You have to consider the shape of your face so that the hairstyle complements it and brings out the best in you. You can’t just put up your hair just because somebody did on the magazine or curl your hair just because somebody says it is nice doing so. Getting a good hair and makeup stylist is a must on your wedding day.

  • Round Face – If this is the shape of your face, you will want it to look slimmer and longer. If you wanted some curls, it has to be done and the end of your hair below your shoulder as it may make your face even rounder if it is leveled on the face. Putting on a tiara or crown may add more height to your face and gives it a longer look.
  • Oval Face – This can go on almost every hairstyle that you can think of, but when curling, its best to have them lose. If you wanted something neat and elegant, divide your hair into 3 parts and let the right and left part meet at the center putting on a clear band. Lose waves may be done to give more texture and style.
  • Square Face – The best hairstyle that goes with this shape of face would be a straight blowout, and finishing it with a flat iron. To give more style, pin the other side of the hair at the back of the ear for a more elegant and classy look.
  • Heart Face – Women with this face shape may have some curls or braided hair with a bun. Unlike other face shapes, big waves may be done and it will look really good. Braiding one side of the hair and having the remaining forming a bun can also be done if you wanted a cleaner hair style look.

Depending on your wedding dress, your hairstyle may be different too. There are different styles of wedding gowns that has different necklines, and this is something that you have to consider as well when deciding how your hair should be styled.

  • V-Neck – Wearing your hair down and having loose curls matches this wedding gown style.
  • One Shoulder – If the strap goes to the right then you have to style your hair on the same side while choosing side-buns would be a better choice.
  • Strapless – There could be a lot of hairstyles that could look great with strapless wedding gowns but the chignons are by far the most elegant match for this dress.
  • High Collar – Top knot or high bun goes well with this type of gown as it elongates the neck which complements the high neckline of the dress.

So, the best however, is to leave is to the professional, to style your hair beautifully for your big wedding day!