Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Dress

We understand that weddings can be a stressful situation. There are so many things that you have to take in mind, not to mention the stress that comes when choosing your gown! There are some common mistakes brides make when they are selecting their wedding dress; so once you know what they are, you won’t make them!


Selecting you dress too early

Oh we know, you’re very excited to select your wedding dress. It can be fun to start trying on wedding gowns, but if you have yet to have a general idea of how you want your wedding to be like, don’t get too excited yet. The wedding gown you have selected might not fit the general theme of your wedding venue. Only start selecting your dress once you have a clear picture of how the wedding day will run.


Trying to please your partner

Of course the groom should love the wedding gown as much as you do, but you are the one wearing the gown. It’s great to have your partner’s input on the gown, but what’s more important is feeling that the wedding gown is a perfect fit for you in terms of style, color and so on. At the end of the day, you should feel amazing in it.


Choosing a dress that doesn’t fit

Manage your expectations! Every bride has different body shape and proportions. It is very normal to have certain gown cuts look better on others as compared to you. Pick a dress that best suits your body. Don’t beat yourself up just because you don’t exactly fit in a wedding gown the way you have liked.


Forgetting about the fabric

The way your dress feels and looks on your skin plays a huge part. How comfortable it is can be highly determined by the fabric of the dress. You’re going to be spending hours in this dress, so make sure it feels comfortable, suits your skin and allows your skin to breathe.



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