Counting Down to the Big Day

From the day you say “I Do” to your actual wedding day, how long do you need to do all the preparations required for a perfect wedding? What is a comfortable timeline? Some couples take more than a year, whereas some can do it within 6 months or even less. Of course, it’s up to each couple to decide, but a comfortable range of time is around a year. And we are going to show you why.


12 Months before the Wedding Day

Announce the engagement news to families and friends, of course! Share the joy with loved ones.


10-11 Months before the Wedding Day

Time to decide on the wedding venue. Do you want to hold it in a hotel? Or in the outdoors? Do some research on your favourite hotels and venues which are also within your budget, and call to check if they are available on your desired date. It will be good to spend a couple of weekends to visit the venues and have a look at the ballrooms too.


8-9 Months before the Wedding Day

After the venue has been decided, it’s time to choose your wedding gown! Most couples take up a bridal package, which includes wedding gowns, tea dress, gent’s suits and also pre-wedding photoshoot too! This helps to save a lot of time then to do them all ala carte. Hence, it is important to choose a bridal shop that has a gown that you really love, as well as one that is creditable too. Read some bridal magazines and shortlist a few bridal shops, pay them a visit to try on their gowns. Some effort is required, but they are all worth it!


6 Months before the Wedding Day

It’s time to take your pre-wedding photoshoot! You can decide to do it locally, or even overseas. Many couples travel to Taiwan, Korea, Bali and even Europe to take their pre wedding photographs. Doing your pre wedding photography 6 months in advance is a comfortable time, as the photographer requires time to process the photos for you to select, then edit before printing them out into a nice album for you to showcase on your wedding day.


4 Months before the Wedding Day

Do up your guest list! Inform your friends and relatives that you will be holding your wedding in 4 months’ time. Get them to rsvp so you can have a gauge of how many of them can or cannot make it on the actual day. It is recommended to invite 10% more guests, as some may not be able to attend the wedding on the last minute.


3 Months before the Wedding Day

3 months left to the wedding day, and it is time to do all the miscellaneous stuff. Printing of wedding cards, rental of wedding car, finding dresses and shirts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, plan the gatecrash, and of course, the itinerary on the wedding day.


2 Months before the Wedding Day

Send out the invites to the guests, and for the bride, go for a facial or massage, a haircut to trim it neat and also pay the dentist a visit. You will want yourself to look your best on your wedding day, so grooming yourself is important!


1 Month before the Wedding Day

Most of the preparation should be more or less done. Give the checklist another check to make sure everything is in place.


1 Week before the Wedding Day

Time to do your nails, brides. Get a pretty manicure and pedicure done, and also go pay the bridal shop a visit again, to make sure your wedding gown fits. If it’s too loose or tight, the seamstress will need to make some adjustments.


And the last week before the wedding day, excited and nervous most couples will be, because you are going to step into another phase in life. Relax and go out with friends, enjoy some couple time as boyfriend and girlfriend one last time, and look forward to the big day! A year of preparation and you are all set and ready to smile and look good. On the actual day, remember to keep smiling, and leave the rest of the job to the photographers, videographers, bridesmaids and groomsmen to do. They will do their utmost best to make it a memorable day for the both of you. Cheers to a blissful marriage life ahead!