Creating The Wedding Atmosphere

actual day wedding

actual day wedding

The atmosphere of your wedding is mainly set by the themes, attire and the location. By setting up an ideal wedding atmosphere, it will be a fun and memorable day for you and your guests.

The Theme

Having a theme is like an art work. For the guest they can feel that it’s special part of that moment. You can have a fairy tale inspired wedding where you can let your guests know in the invitation card that the setting is going to be a romantic fairy tale story. Beach weddings theme are serenely set up into a relaxing atmosphere. Tell your guests in advance about the theme and perhaps they can dress up purposely for that event. So, when planning for your wedding, you can identify a theme together that you and your spouse may want to make your wedding event an unforgettable one.



Choosing the best attire bring out the spotlight of the event. Being the attraction of the event, everyone have their eyes on you. So, you got to wear that marvellous wedding gowns to wow the audience, and the groom to be in that confident dashing suit as well. It is important to find a good bridal shop which has a range of high quality wedding gowns and suit. With that stunning wedding outfit, you will be more confident walking along that red carpet.



The location could be indoor or outdoor. Places like church, hotels, indoor area could have a feel of grand royal feeling, where the guests have a good time talking with each other in a formal setting. Whereas for beach, garden, outdoor area gave the guest a free, natural, unique, fun feeling, where guest are free and easy. Dress code might not need to be so formal at such occasion.

Having a good wedding atmosphere is important for the newly weds and their guests to enjoy and remember such unforgettable moments at your big day!

(Credits: A Beautiful Love Story of Iris + Jacky)