Cut Outs on Wedding Dresses


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What your mother wore years ago on her wedding day may not be so classy and sexy in current day context if she was to pass it on to you for your upcoming wedding. While there are nice vintage designed wedding gowns, there definitely has to be something that can be altered or redesigned in order to make you stand out on your wedding day. We all know all brides to be want to feel special on their special day.

Cut outs on wedding dresses have been very popular for most women who wanted to be in the trend and show off some great designs and some part of their skins. And if they can pull it off, then by all means make the most out of it. Typical wedding gowns are colored white with satin or silk fabric and maybe a few laces to add style. Lately, you see some cut out patterns at the back, showing most of the skin as well as on the waist to even flatter the body shape of the bride.

Here are a few cut out designs that you might want to incorporate onto your wedding gowns.

  • Bolero Cut Outs – In some wedding dresses that has boleros, cut out looks great on both front and back. You may wish to have almost bare back or a little to add sophistication while having a peek on the neckline makes it look even more glamorous.
  • Laced Top – Cut outs on laces are also popular. You may want to cover part of your top with it and select the pattern you want to have. Scalloped patterns are very popular lately while having the back of your gown with this makes the bride look demure and also sexy at the same time.
  • Waistline Cut Outs – To give a slimmer waist line on the gown, taking out some part of the fabric and replacing them with cut out patterns filled with sheer fabrics or lace. Decide on how long the cut outs would be, either just the waist line or down to the hips.
  • Two Piece Gowns – Cut outs can separate the top to the skirt of the gown either by having some lace or even none. Cut out patterns look great on the waistline and give a different statement on the wedding gown.
  • Full Cut Out – If you think you can handle more and is confident to show off more skins, wedding gowns that has cut outs all over is just absolute stunning and stylish. Starting from the shoulders, to your waistline to your legs, replaced by sheer fabrics, brides wearing this is an absolute standout for sure.

Almost everything that we have right now are based on the latest trends. Gadgets, cars and especially clothing, which is why the wedding gown industry never stop designing new dresses that would make women feel and look beautiful when they wear it on their wedding day. Cut outs have been in trend for quite some time now and are still one of the favorite styles that most women want. So if you want to make sure you get the best design to stand out on your wedding day, planning early with your designer would be the best way to go.