Different Pastel Coloured Wedding Gowns


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Pastel colours are very popular in almost everything nowadays. It could be a pastel wall in your house especially if you have baby girls, or maybe you just wanted to sport your new pastel coloured nails among your friends. During the peak wedding season when there are a lot of couples getting married, pastel wedding gowns have been seen so many times and people have positive feedbacks on how the colours are so well loved by the brides and guests. So if you wanted to consider having one on your wedding day, here are some great pastel colors to choose from to make your wedding even more memorable.

  • Mint Color – Mint colour is just popular everywhere, from bags and shoes to some typical daily wear. Mint color feels very calm and of course refreshing. Some weddings may have a mint theme so why not let the bride wear the color as well. For sure people will love how a wedding gown looks like in this cool yet elegant pastel shade.
  • Blush – Women love to put on some hint of blush on their face most of the time, and having this shade on the wedding gown shows simplicity yet beautiful on the bride. With its touch of pink, it will truly make you feel like a princess who has met her prince whom she is going to spend the rest of her life with.
  • Pastel Blue – The colour blue may signify a bit of sadness as it has been used several times to describe the feeling of being alone. However, it also has a powerful statement that says you are totally confident on wearing one and you are feeling better than ever. Choosing pastel blue for a wedding gown somehow lightens the feeling and gives a peaceful feeling as if you are floating in the sky.
  • Pastel Yellow – Sunny and bright is what comes to mind when seeing the colour yellow. It also signifies happiness most of the time. For wedding gowns, pastel yellow is gaining its popularity as well, especially when the wedding takes place during summer. You would see most bridesmaids looking pretty and young on this shade which probably makes the idea of letting brides stand out on this shade as well.
  • Pastel Green – The colour of nature is green, and while wedding ceremonies are now being held outdoors, in tents near the gardens or fields, pastel green wedding gowns is great to match the beautiful background of the wedding event.
  • Purple – Girls love this colour! In fact, many start collecting things with this shade at an early age which makes it just perfect to choose the same by the time they get to marry the man of their dreams. Its calming effect makes the bride feel relaxed and comfortable, and also the guests at the wedding too.

Choosing the colour of your wedding gown does not always limit you to the colour white. There are so many colors that you can play with to express your true colour and personality. On the other hand, pastel colors are fresh and signifies youth. So choosing a pastel colour wedding gown may make your wedding day one of the happiest ever.