Dressing Up the Bridal Bump

Bridal bump

Finding a perfect wedding gown for your special day is already tough for many brides to be, let alone finding one for the bride who is also going to be a mom soon to come. It will definitely be a much more challenging task! You have not only one but two special events to celebrate. Fret not, because even with the baby bump, you can still look beautiful on our wedding day.

Some tips and advice for mother-to-be brides:

  • It depends on the bride if she wants to show her baby bump or hide it discreetly in her wedding gown. The Empire Waist gown is best for the brides who want to hide the baby bump.
  • If the bride wants to show the baby bump, she can choose the mermaid or the trumpet style gown, which has a fitted top part and flows out at the thigh or lower calf.
  • It is important that the wedding gown can be worn with much ease. The dress should be fitted comfortably and allows for movement easily and it is advisable to wear flat shoes too.
  • A V-neckline wedding dress helps as it will make the neck look long and gives the impression of a slim body structure.
  • Brides with baby bumps should never rely on their old measurements. They should have a chat with the seamstress about their style and other important details of your wedding gown. It is important to have your fittings and alteration closer to the wedding day to ensure that the gown will fit best on the actual day.

Brides with baby bumps will not just look stunning in their wedding gowns, they also will bring along the baby glow on their faces. This radiance makes them as beautiful as they can be. So just relax and smile and look pretty on your wedding day!