Fall 2015’s Favorite Bridal Gown Trends

Soignee by Beautiful Love Wedding
Soignee by Beautiful Love Wedding

Margarita by Beautiful Love Wedding (Mix and Match Series)

There’s a special kind of romance that weaves its way into the air in the heart of fall. It’s getting lost together in the mesmerizing hues of turning leaves. It’s the way that one-of-a-kind crisp chill draws two lovers a bit nearer into one another. It’s tasting a hint of pumpkin spice on the lips of the one who shifts your heart into a higher gear.


The year’s most prolific wedding season may have long since come and gone, but this year’s Fall Bridal Fashion Week had plenty to say about what’s captivating brides-to-be as 2015 eases to a close. Seven daring, intriguing trends from embellishments to hemlines stood out to us this year as the looks to watch circa the dawn of 2016. Which ones are sweeping you off your feet?


  • Skimpy Straps

Of course, the vast majority of brides’ clamor for strapless silhouettes, and with good, very flattering reasons. But hear us out: is a barely-there strap really such a weighty compromise over none at all? The scant percentage of brides eschewing going sexy ‘n strapless will relish mixing it up and standing a bride apart (Eh? Eh?) with various lace-covered arms and cap sleeps. On the other hand, spaghetti straps are gaining ground strongly. They’re slim enough to be barely noticeable and leave a gown practically strapless, yet still comfortably supportive.


  • Take Two (Pieces)

Surprised? Don’t be. Crop tops are near the height of their power once more, and the bridal boutique is hardly immune. Fall gets nippy in a New York minute, but belly-baring bridal separates became the talk of Bridal Fashion Week with the emergence of a certain sexy “Got it, and I’m flaunting it” elegance. Not quite daring – or warm-blooded, as the case might be – to brave the deepening chill with so much skin to bare? No matter. Monique Lhuillier showed off some gorgeous breezy-but-concealing two-piece gowns fend off the wind a bit more handily.


  • Get The Slit

Brace yourself, but weddings are going just a bit Hollywood in an oh-so-right way. If you’ve watched the Academy Awards the last few years, you know the soaring slits have stolen the spotlight onstage and on the red carpet time and again, thanks in no small part to Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous gams. It’s so caught on, that even demure bridal gowns are adding the excitement of some long and lovely legs to walks down the aisle everywhere, with help from the likes of Badgley Mischka and Houghton, among others.


  • Ruffling Feathers

How are onions, wedding cakes, Shrek and Fall 2015’s chic bridal gowns alike? Give up? Layers. The embellishment to have this season is, of all the rare elements to enhance a wedding dress, cascading tiers. Evenly spaced? Strategically asymmetrical? Let the stylist be your guide. Either way, the layers add some stunning volume to already to-die-for dresses.


  • Got Your Back

My, how things have changed. To really leave an indelible impression with your gown this season, brides may want to forego the squats and lunges in favor of some pull-ups and rows. Gone away is last season’s shorter hemlines’ call for tightly toned calves. It’s now time to carve out a stunning, sexy and sculpted back that will draw as much attention as the details and finery of the front of the gown.