In Collaboration with Pacific Insurance Brokers

Beautiful Love Wedding as the first bridal shop to collaborate with wedding insurance provider, Pacific Insurance Brokers

Singapore’s bridal boutique brand, Beautiful Love Wedding, had recently collaborated with wedding insurance brokerage firm, Pacific Insurance Brokers on sharing the importance of wedding insurance in the bridal industry.

The importance of wedding insurance grew as in the past month, many brides and grooms were affected by the sudden closure of a long established bridal shop in Singapore. Therefore, it is highly important for the brides-to-be and their grooms-to-be to look for responsible bridal boutiques.

“We want to protect our customers from irresponsible bridal vendors and we want to let them know that there are also many responsible wedding vendors in Singapore. We also want to restore the consumer confidence in our bridal industry, therefore we are very happy to collaborate with Pacific Insurance Brokers.”

said Mr Nigel Lee, co-founder of Beautiful Love Wedding.

Leading the bridal industry as the first bridal shop in Singapore to collaborate with a wedding insurance broker, Beautiful Love Wedding aims to set an example to show consumers that there are also responsible bridal vendors around in Singapore which priority is to protect their customers’ interest and give them the best quality products and services.
“We hope to see more good bridal shops coming up and take responsibility for their customers and customers-to-be so as to make our bridal industry better, stronger and more credible.”

said Nigel.