Indoor and Outdoor Pre Wedding Photography

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Planning what to do during your indoor pre wedding or outdoor pre wedding photography date? Below are some tips for you to check it out!

Indoor pre wedding photography

Some people may feel that they have limited photo poses inside a studio due to limited spaces when it comes to indoor pre wedding photography. However, that may not be the case. Below are the advantages of indoor pre wedding photography.

-No Worries About The Weather

Rain is never a good choice for some when taking wedding pictures outdoor. Hence when it comes to indoor studio shoot, the couple would have no worries about the weather. Whether it is rain or shine outside, in the studio is always comfortable in terms of the temperature.

-Best Controlling Of Lighting Effect

Lighting is essential for quality photography shot, hence in a studio, the photographer is therefore able to capture the best angle with the best lighting for your pictures. Therefore, the best element in the photography will be taken care of.

-Dressing Up Makes Easier

Ease of touching up your makeup and styling your hair makes it easier when it comes to studio photo-taking. So take your time, and bring out that best image in you!


You enjoy full privacy at the studio where it is only you, your fiance or fiancee and the photographer. Hence, focus on putting your best poses for the photography!

 Outdoor pre wedding photography

So when it come to outdoor pre wedding location, it’s always good to get the advice from your photographers, as they know how to see the weather condition and help you find the best outdoor pre wedding photography location.

Here are the advantages of outdoor pre wedding photography.

-Have The Feel Of Nature

The photographer may bring you to places like beaches, parks and other nature scenery locations. So that you could have a good feel of nature and the pre wedding photos will be serene, nice and beautiful.

-Creative Setting

Sometimes, the photographer will bring you to outdoor places in a indoor setting, such as the airport, nice hotels, themed cafes and even schools. It gives your pre wedding photo album a variety of colourful pictures.

-Unique Ideas For Photo

Setting like sunset, dusk and even cool places where people passing by can also make the photo nice and beautiful. The uniqueness of your pre wedding photographs depends on the skills of the photographer. And of course, it depends on the experience of the pre wedding photographer too, as bringing you to the best location with the best sunset views requires good timing.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being comfortable with your pre wedding photography. So long you are comfortable with your photographer everything will lighten up and your photos will definitely be better. So enjoy the pre wedding photography process!