Popular Evening Gowns Styles & Designs

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In Singapore, the bride would need to change in to her evening gown dress after her march in during the wedding dinner banquet. While there are times where in the bride would wear her bridal gown throughout the celebration, some are just excited to change into their evening gowns. Wedding banquet is also like a fashion show for the bride to showcase her gowns and pretty look on her wedding day to the guests. Choosing your evening gown might be a little bit easier than getting a wedding dress. However, there are so many designs that you can choose from and not to mention that availability of almost all colors too.

The basic cut or shapes that you can choose from are as follows:

  • Ball Gown – This is the princess type gown where the skirt looks like a balloon with a can can underneath the dress, and is a common choice for the younger brides.
  • A-Line Gown – Simple yet elegant, it usually touches the floor and looks great in almost any formal occasions.
  • Column Gown – This is a straight evening dress that looks very sophisticated and great for women who has sexy curves. This type of evening gown is also popular amongst most celebrities that we see on TV especially on awards night.
  • Mermaid Gown – Mermaid gown accentuates the shape of your body. You see a lot of people wearing this as well while most of the time it’s a popular choice for older women.
  • Trumpet Gowns – This gown emphasizes on the hips and looks great for wedding celebrations. Most of the time you see beauty queens wear this on pageant competitions for its classic and graceful style.

After you’ve chosen the type of dress you wanted to have, it is time to decide on the style of the neckline. There are so many designs that you can choose from, and to start on some of the typical designs, here are the most common styles for the neckline.

  • High Neck – It is almost as leveled as your shoulder and usually gives a conservative yet fashionable look.
  • Scoop – Scooped or low neck for those who wanted to show their chest part and maybe play with some great accessories to match the gown.
  • Strapless – This is very common and very popular amongst the brides. Showing off your shoulders shows confidence and might even look great with a good choice of shawl.
  • V-Neck – V neck design makes your neck look longer while making you look slimmer too. The V-Neck design is a classic one and still is one of the most popular designs that even celebrities are wearing.

Besides the above, you would also need to choose the type of sleeves that you want on your evening gown. It could be long sleeves, short sleeves, cap sleeves or none at all. You might also want to consider the place that you are going to since the dress that you will be picking might not be appropriate such as wearing a long sleeves gown for an outdoor wedding on a hot afternoon luncheon banquet.

Most brides rent their evening gowns from bridal shops. However, there are also a handful who choose to do up a made-to-order gown so that they will be the only one wearing the special designed gown specially made for them. And of course, they get to keep them after the wedding too!