Pre and Actual Day Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography is an important part of every wedding. Almost every couple will want their special day to be recorded down in pictures, so that they can take them out to show their relatives and friends, and also to reminisce their wedding day years later, and even to show their kids in the future. In Singapore, couples usually have a Pre-wedding photography taken before the wedding day, and the Actual Day Wedding photography on their wedding day.


Pre Wedding photography are a set of photos taken either locally or overseas. These photos will be printed into an album for the guests to view on the wedding day. The nicest one will also be printed big and framed up to be hung in the new weds room. Many couples who chose to take their pre-wedding photoshoot locally, tend to go to places where they used to frequent and date, and even the place where they first met, like back to their high school. However, it has been increasing popular for couples to go for pre-wedding photography overseas over the years. Countries abroad tend to have clear beautiful waters and sandy beaches which attract young couples.


Actual day photography is more challenging for the photographers. He or she has to take photos of the entire day’s events, from gate crash in the morning to the wedding dinner at night. Mostly candid shots, which also brings out the natural expressions of everyone involved on the wedding day. Couples treasure actual wedding day photos a lot. They can bring back their wedding day memories when they look back at the photos – the beautiful wedding gown and shoes, the guests who attended the wedding, and many more.


In short, Pre wedding and Actual day wedding photography serves different, yet important purposes to the couple. Bridal shops offer attractive packages for couples to have everything they need for their wedding – Pre wedding photography, Actual day Photography, Wedding Gowns rental, car rental and many more. Couples can also customize their packages according to their needs. Of course, if they want to go to an exotic and expensive destination for photography, an extra price has to be forked out to keep those memories in their lives forever.