Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot And Props

a beautiful love story of alicia + yuda
a beautiful love story of alicia + yuda

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Wedding photoshoot is the latest trend nowadays that most couples wanted to have one before their actual wedding. Not only it gives wonderful memories but it also creates a bond between the couple which would make closer and stronger as they enter a new phase in their lives, as a married couple. Photoshoots may have different themes, it could be an idea from the photographer or maybe you both wanted something special and meaningful for both of you. Either way, it has to special.

Many couples choose to prepare their own props for the shoot these days, so the photos will turn out looking special and meaningful. It could be something that symbolizes your relationship, a favorite toy, a favorite character or for some, they go to a particular place that is memorable to them. If you are planning to have a photoshoot soon, here are some suggestions that you may want to have during that day:

  • Balloons – Balloons come in different sizes, shapes and prints. Have it anyway you want it as it symbolizes fun, happiness, colourful and being young, which is great to capture and definitely worth keeping. You can also customize the balloons with your names or photos printed on them!
  • Bubbles – One of the cheapest yet full of fun props. Images captured while chasing and blowing the bubbles are always nice.
  • Pets – These furry friends are the best way to make a cute photo that doesn’t need much effort to bring out a smile. Just by having them around gives you happy thoughts.
  • Blackboards – Since these are photos, there would be no chance of capturing what you wanted to say to your special someone but to write it on the board and decorate it with so much love for one another. Many couples also take photos with their names and wedding date written on the board, so they can showcase it to their guests before the wedding.
  • Sweet Treats – It could be anything from cute little candies, cupcakes, lollipops, sodas and chocolates, anything that both of you really love to have and must be colorful for the shoot. Photoshoots with these in a garden picnic setting will be lovely!
  • Musical Instruments – For music lovers, this will be your best shot ever! Dress up anyway you want, with your most comfortable wear and singing a song for the one you love holding the instruments. Guitars are the most commonly used as it is easy to bring but you are never limited to anything.
  • Vintage Cars – Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, old cars gives an old school romantic vibe that is great when captured at the perfect moment by your photographer.
  • Umbrella – It is nice to have some colorful umbrellas during your photoshoot as well. Not only do they make cool and beautiful props, they can also serve as your sun shade and if it’s hot during the photoshoot or protection if it rains.

These props are all great to have during the photo shoot in order to bring out the best emotions that you have with each other. Aside from the props, it is important that you are both in a happy mood on your photoshoot day. Thinking positive and happy thoughts during the photoshoot allow you to enjoy the long day with beautifully captured photos too!