Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas So Crazy, They Just Might Work

So, by this point, your photographer has shown you just about every pre-wedding photoshoot idea under the sun. You’ve seen everything but the kitchen sink – then came that one weird idea that incorporated a kitchen sink.


One idea after another, nothing resonates with you. They all say “Husband and Wife” but nothing really says “You and The One You Love”. It’s time to step outside the box and, more than likely, just burn the box. You only have one chance to make this wedding shoot a portrait of You and Yours, Together. Make it count.


If this is truly a celebration of two individual spirits brought together as one, then it should ring with the uniqueness that drew you together and the bonds you share with the ones you love who have gathered to usher in this fresh chapter in your life. Make it colorful, unforgettable, and utterly unique with some fresh takes on old standards.


  • Set The Stage

Sure, you’ve considered the park benches and botanical gardens and gorgeous church courtyards a hundred-thousand times. It all feels so flat, generic, and lifeless. It feels like you’re taking someone else’s wedding photos.

Again, zero in on the things synonymous with the two of you. If you and your beloved happen to be sports fanatics, go for the gusto with a shoot at a local major team’s ballpark, arena or stadium, if possible. Make a few calls and see who you need to speak to in guest services to perhaps arrange a brief, supervised visit. You could come up with a narrative set ranging from love found among fans in the stands, to even seeing if you can tell a story on the field, ice or court together. This could even be a brilliant means of incorporating your wedding party into the fun.

If nothing else, seek out locations that are picturesque but more than likely haven’t been “done to death”. Aquariums and wildlife parks can offer the magic of animal magnetism in beautiful settings that offer fascinating chances to play with colors, shadows, and improvised candids.

Did the two of you have a particularly memorable date during your courtship? Now’s the time to recapture that magic. Seek it out the location and have some very emotional fun reflecting on how far you’ve both come together to this point.


  • Take Action

You kiss, the photographer clicks.

Arm around the shoulder, the photographer clicks.

Pose against a brick wall, the photographer clicks.

Enough. It’s been done. What makes the two of you special? What brought you together in the first place?

Imagine a photoshoot that perhaps celebrates two gamers finding love over a couple controllers. What could be more memorable than a shoot recreating the Dixie Chicks’ bridal bicycle escape in their music video for “Ready to Run”? Just get into the moment and think of it as doing things the two of you already love, but doubling the fun by incorporating formal wear.

WARNING: Please, rethink this approach if you both have a fondness for Buffalo wing-eating contests.


  • Join The Party

Some of the best ideas are about so much more than the bride and groom alone.

We feel pretty confident guessing your bridesmaids and groomsmen are some of the closest people to you in the world – why else would you have chosen them for the prestigious honor of standing by you on this singular day? Have some fun with whatever bonds you, be it a favorite sport, favorite band, or even a fond memory. This is a superb time for some “then and now” fun recreating your favorite bygone moments with a touch of commemorating a lifelong friendship. Say, slumber party photos for the bride and bridesmaids and revisited Little League or road-trip vacation photos for the gents.


It isn’t anyone else’s wedding. It’s yours. Don’t settle for taking someone else’s photos. Come together and decide what really defines you all together. Have some fun with it and make memories you’ll never want to let go.