Preparing For Your Travel Pre Wedding Photography

travel pre wedding photography

Nowadays there are quite a number of couples did their pre wedding photography on another country. For travel pre wedding photography, it is a different experience and of course giving you that pre honeymoon to relax and have fun while preparing for your big wedding day.

So what are the things to prepare for your travel pre wedding photography?

#1 Travel Pre Wedding Photography Date

Especially when you are doing your travel pre wedding photography at Europe or countries that have a wide timezone difference to Singapore, it is advisable to do the travel pre wedding photography on the 3rd day. This is because the amount of jetlag you’ve received is huge and you have to get use to the timezone first such that you’ll be on top form at the pre wedding photography date!

#2 Type of Travel Pre Wedding Arrangement

It’s common for couples to liaise with bridal studios or photographers from overseas, such may reduce the travel pre wedding budget. If the couples are bringing the photographer and makeup cum hairdo artiste to overseas, the cost may be more. Hence, it is important to check with your bridal shop like which are the countries they have partnership with the local studios such that the pricing may be much better in the sense. However, if you are travelling to exotic countries like Chile and South Africa where most bridal shops have no partner in photography with, you may have to prepare to incur the additional cost for the flight tickets and accommodation of the pre wedding photographer and the markup hairdo artiste.

#Bring Your Wedding Gowns

Whichever travel pre wedding arrangement you did, it would be advisable to bring your own wedding gowns. Especially when we are travelling to European, America or other exotic countries, the style of the wedding gowns can be quite different to the general wedding gowns style in Singapore and Asia. Therefore, try wedding gowns locally to get the ones that fit you the most! Ask your bridal shop representatives or wardrobe stylist for advice of the country and places of attraction you’ll be going, and what are the wedding gowns that best fit the places. An experienced bridal representatives will therefore assist you in finding the best wedding gowns for your travel pre wedding photography shoot.

# Have Fun!

It’s nothing more relaxing and fun than a mini honeymoon before the big wedding. Though that one day overseas, is the day where the two of you would be the models of the day. Where you’ll be posing for photography from the morning all the way to the evening time. It is important to be in tip top high energy level condition. So, have a good amount of sleep the day before. And most of all, have fun! Enjoy the process of a fantastic travel pre wedding photography!

In summary, enjoy, play and have fun on your travel pre wedding day!