Singapore’s First CASETRUST Accredited Bridal Shop and Wedding Photography Provider

Beautiful Love Wedding boutique at Pacific Plaza
Beautiful Love Wedding boutique at Pacific Plaza

Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd had just become the first bridal shop to be CASETRUST accredited in Singapore. CASETRUST accredited companies aims to protect the consumers and to ensure their confidence in the company while enjoying its products and services.

It happened just less than 2 years ago, in October 2015, when Sophia Wedding Collection, one of the largest and long standing bridal shops in Singapore, closed suddenly, which caused at least 76 couples to be left in the lurch with unused wedding packages amounting to more than $130,000. (Source: Straits Times).


The Reason Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd Decided to Apply for CASETRUST Accreditation

Right after the news of Sophia Wedding Collection’s sudden closure, worried customers began to feedback to the management and staff of Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd about their concern and worries. In response to the customers’ feedback, the management went around to look for ways to protect the consumers’ interest.

Within the next few weeks, the company tied up with a local insurance brokerage which provides wedding insurance. However, this resulted in increased premiums that made the wedding packages unattractive to some new customers who more preferred to have low budget prices on the wedding packages.

The management of Beautiful Love Wedding then decided to apply for CASETRUST (Accreditation for Storefront Business), as they felt that this is the best they can do to be responsible to the customers.


The Change in Bridal Industry and Wedding Photography Industry’s Practices

The application for CASETRUST is not easy, especially for a bridal shop because there was no bridal shop or photography studio applying for CASETRUST prior to that. Due to the stringent standard and requirement to become a CASETRUST accredited company, it took the company more than one year to obtain their CASETRUST accreditation.

In compliant to the accreditation standard, Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd will also need to introduce new policies and practices that are completely different from the common practices of the bridal industry.

“When we decided that we want to apply for CASETRUST, we had also decided to change, to be completely different from how our bridal industry and wedding photography industry work.”


Consumer Confidence in the Bridal Industry and Wedding Photography Industry

The sudden closure of Sophia Wedding Collection, a renowned bridal shop which had been in the industry for over a decade, had somehow eroded the trust of consumers on the way they consider the bridal and wedding photography industry. In the past one over year, there were articles and forum comments written not in the favour of the industry too.

Hence, another reason why the management of Beautiful Love Wedding want their company to be CASETRUST accredited is because they want the public and consumers to change the perception of the bridal and wedding photography industry, into something positive.

“Some customers may feel that bridal shops in Singapore charge high prices or engage low skilled photographers and it is cheaper to purchase from individual vendors such as gown rental providers, freelance photographers and so on. This is untrue. They may not realise that buying packages from bridal shops can be relatively more affordable. Furthermore, renowned bridal shops can ensure stronger backups in case providers such as actual day wedding photographers or makeup artists cannot turn up last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. This may not be possible if the customer engages an individual freelancer for his or her actual day wedding photography or videography if the freelancer does not have a strong backup plan. Moreover, in terms of gown quality and wedding photography skills, there are also renowned bridal shops in Singapore which have nice gowns and very experienced professionals such as photographers, videographers, makeup artist and so on.”

Said Nigel Lee, in response to published opinions and articles from some writers that did not write positively about the bridal industry in Singapore.


The Future of Singapore’s Bridal Industry

The management of Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd strongly believed that all bridal shops in Singapore should consider applying for CASETRUST accreditation so that more consumers will be very confident of not just their companies but also the entire bridal industry.

“Being responsible to customers is one of the most important factors for any business in any industry. We are also customers (for other products and services) too, who liked being served by responsible companies, enjoyed exemplary customer service standard and use good quality products. Hence, I hope more companies in the bridal industry or wedding photography industry will come forward to make a change, for the betterment of the consumers.”

Said Nigel, in his view of the future of Singapore’s bridal industry.


In summary, the first CASETRUST accredited bridal shop in Singapore has set the pace in changing bridal industry practice to improve its consumer perception. Therefore, we look forward to see more bridal shops taking the first steps!