The Benefits of Mix ‘N’ Match Gowns

martini by beautiful love wedding 2-horz

martini by beautiful love wedding 2-horz

Mix and match gown is a newly concept of gown specially make for the bride to look stylish. This concept was first introduced by Beautiful Love Wedding under this Cocktail Wedding Gown.  It Is a unique concept for the brides-to-be to impress their guests with this style changing gown. Here are the benefits of the mix and match wedding gowns.

Save Time

The wedding gown can be easily changed from one style to another by the bride herself where she does not have to go in the dressing room to change another piece of wedding gown. Therefore it saves the brides the hassle from going to the dressing room to change another set of gown for the second march in. Hence, such wedding gown design helps to give you more time where you can relax and prepare for the second march in.

More Choices

Mix and match wedding gowns give you more choices or presentation styles to wow your guests at your wedding event. Each of the mix and match gown has at least two design style. These give you more choices to showcase the wow factor for your wedding gown during your big day.

Difference Of Conventional V.S Mix And Match Gown

By comparing the conventional gown with mix and match gown, the difference is in convenience and style. While both type of wedding gowns are uniquely beautiful in design and feel, a mix and match wedding gown is like a combination of two conventional wedding gowns in one simple gown concept. As simple as that!


Mix and match wedding displays a unique type of feel and style, other than that, the bride will have more time to entertain her guest and prepare for her second march in. Mix N Match is still a brand new wedding gown concept with limited designs in Singapore. However, there are many new design possibilities of such mix and match concept for the brides-to-be to discover, showcase and wow her guests at one of the biggest event in her life.