The Darker Shades of Wedding Gowns



Choosing a gown for your wedding day is a hard thing to do in reality. The style that you want as well as the type of material that you would like on your wedding gown has to be considered. You also have to choose a designer that would make the gown for you, it is very important that you tell everything you would like to have to your designer so that he or she would understand how you want your gown to look like.

Choosing the color is another thing, we often see white gowns on the church altars although we know that we are not limited to just white. It became a tradition representing purity, innocence, wholeness and perfection which is what the society used to expect from women getting married. However, there are now different colors that some women choose from and they are now open to seeing these changes, depending on the venue and decorations, some women would match their gown colours based on the wedding theme.

Nowadays, black and grey gowns are getting popular as some of the most known wedding designers have been sporting this new line of wedding dresses with the models. If you think you are open to the idea of wearing one, why not as it is sporting and special to have a different gown than the normal white ones for your wedding day.

The Colour Gray

The colour signifies being neutral, which may somehow have a meaning on how the relationship will go as you are most of the time objective.  Choosing gray may be both very dull and elegant as well, depending on the design of the dress as well as how the bride expresses herself.

Most women who choose to wear gray have a very calm personality and may be practical as well in life. Most of the time you don’t seek to get noticed by other people, instead, you just work silently in your own way and value your family a lot. There are times that you would also feel that your kind of gray is too dull, so you try to add color so that it gets interesting and changes for a while.

The Color Black

Black is often referred to as a person who is in control, powerful but sometimes intimidating and unfriendly as well. Women who want to wear black for their wedding gowns may not necessarily have to be the above mentioned personalities, in fact in may even signify elegance and mystery.

During weddings, most people are still not at all open to seeing brides wearing black dresses, especially the Chinese, who believe that black symbolizes bad luck. However, the bride is the one who should feel good about whatever she is wearing on her special day, and guests should respect the married couple on whatever decision they make.

Every woman is entitled to be able to express herself on her most special day which is her wedding day. She is now moving in to a new chapter in her life with her man and wouldn’t want to stand in that altar not feeling good about what she’s wearing or how she looks. This new generation has made so many changes to what used to be in our traditional way of living, and these days, typical wedding dresses are making the big change as well.