The Dos & Don’ts in Choosing your Wedding Gown

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Buying a wedding gown is the most wonderful moment in every woman’s life. On the wedding day, every woman will want to look beautiful, unique and perfect. The most important thing for every bride is to enjoy shopping for her wedding gown. To make the shopping process enjoyable and not stressful, here are some tips every future bride should know.

The DOs

  1. Determine your budget – Before you start planning your wedding and your costs about the wedding, the first thing you have to do is to determine the budget for your gown. Having a budget allows you to enjoy shopping without feeling any guilt.
  1. Have an idea of your dream gown – It would be easier for you and your wedding planner (if you have one) to find your ideal wedding gown if you already have some ideas in mind. Looking through magazines or search through all the photos of wedding gowns available online will help to give you an idea of the kind of gown you will want to wear.
  1. Ask for Opinions – Many ladies will bring their bff along when trying gowns, so they can have some frank comments about the way they look. Some will ask for opinions from family members and the groom to be. Keep an open mind on the comments they give.
  1. Try different types of wedding gowns – With this strategy,  you will find out what type of gowns suits your silhouette. Different gowns fit a different body shape and size, and so it is important to try on a variety to decide which type suits your body the most. Is it going to be a tube gown or a halter? Or a classical princess long sleeved one? You got to try it to find out!

 The DON’Ts

  1. Don’t forget about the accessories – These details come at the end, but you mustn’t forget them. It will be nice to complete the look with beautiful necklaces, earrings and even bracelets. And of course the head accessories. Acessories brings attention to the bride and of cos makes the photographs taken beautiful!
  1. Don’t buy the gown because everyone else liked it. It is your big day, and you will be the one who will wear the dress. The most important decision still lies with the bride to be. It is important that you fall in love with the gown that you finally decide to choose, so you will be a very happy bride on your big day.
  1. Don’t go shopping for your gown in the evening – Shopping for a wedding dress in the evening or before the store is closing is not a good idea. It is advisable to start early when the shop opens, because gown selection will take an entire day, on an average of 8-10hours. Take your time to look through the entire collection and try on those that catches your eye, before finally selecting the final gown. Hence, ample time is definitely important and should be set aside for such an important decision.
  1. Don’t forget to take a photo – It will be nice if the wedding shop allows you to snap a photo of you in the wedding gowns you tried on. So you can go home and have a look at them all over again to confiem your final decision on the wedding gown.

Hopefully these tips will help you to choose your dream wedding dress. Keep in mind that your wedding will be the most beautiful experience in your life, so enjoy every single process of it!