Tip Top Condition for Your Actual Day Wedding

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The excitement in your belly and all the days of waiting for this special moment – your actual day wedding – has finally arrived. You have to always look great and be constantly on a tip top condition throughout your actual day wedding. Here some essential tips for you!

#1 Have enough sleep!

Especially for many couples who have to get up as early as 5am in the morning to prepare themselves, do the makeup and hairdo and getting ready for the morning ‘gatecrash’. Before that, do remember to have a good amount of sleep so that both of you will have the energy to last for the entire time of your actual day wedding.

#2 Wear a Good Makeup

For our brides-to-be, it’s important to invest on a good makeup and hairdo artist, who would bring his or her high quality make-up essentials that would last very long through the morning gatecrash, tea ceremonies, church wedding. outdoor wedding photography shoot and so on.

#3 Take a Beauty Nap

While waiting for your wedding dinner, get some beauty sleep to conserve more energy for the rest of the evening. For couples who have lunch wedding, it is important to catch some sleep as well even for half an hour or so, it’s good enough to give you the boost to welcome your guests and to look and feel good throughout the day.

#4 Get an Experienced Photographer

An experienced and observant actual day wedding photographer will make sure that you will always look good on all the photos. For they have the know-how and the professionalism to advise you on. So, do be patient on selecting a good experienced actual day wedding photographer for your wedding day!

#5 Avoid the Alcohol

Sometimes, do blame it on the alcohol! Especially for the groom, when some of your “naughty” guests ask you to drink glasses and glasses of wine and beer or special tonic drink make from a mixture of beer, wine, vinegar, chili, food or whatever unimaginable you can think of. Too much or may a single glass, may make you drunk throughout the day, making you lose that tip top condition. Therefore, avoid as much as possible. If unavoidable, prepare your best brothers to ‘sacrifice’ for you.

Since it is your actual day wedding, the biggest moment in your life which you and your spouse have spent countless of days and nights preparing for it, you have to be constantly in tip top condition. Happy marriage!