Tips for Finding that Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding your dream wedding gown can be stressful. It’s arguably one of the most important garment you will own so choosing one can be a lot of pressure to handle. After all, you’ve never even tried on a wedding gown before, so how do you make sure you pick the right dress that’s perfect for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The choices can seem overwhelming sure, but follow our tips and you’ll soon find the gown of your dreams – the one you’ll remember forever.


Do your research!

It might feel like there is a whole new language to decode. What’s a tulle, A-line, fit and flare, sheath, organza? Well, you have to do your research to find what you like and/or leaning towards to. Find a few common themes of the styles that you like before bringing it to your bridal appointment, it will give you and the specialists a much easier time finding the right dress for you.


Location, Location, Location!

Knowing the venue and place of your wedding will help focus your search. Is it at a banquet? Will you be having it on the beach? Exchanging vows in a cathedral? It will be good to know what ‘themed’ wedding you will be having before choosing your dress. You wouldn’t want a nice ball gown with long trains and dramatic embellishments  dragging across the sand during your beach wedding.


Keep an open mind

Trust the bridal consultants! They work with dresses every day, so take their advice, even if what they urge you to try on doesn’t quite seem your style. You never know, some dresses might not look great on the curtain but look much better when worn.


Focus on the fit, not the size

Brace yourself for bridal sizing! Don’t be too focused on the size of your dress (wedding gowns tend to be a few sizes bigger than what you usually buy). Don’t insist on a smaller size because you intend to lose weight before the wedding. Find a dress that fits you best, and don’t be too caught up over the size of your dress.


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