Tips to Look Marvelous in Your Wedding Photos

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Wedding day is the most memorable and happiest day of a couple’s life. It is also one of the most tiring day. Basically, the day starts as early as 4am when the bride has to wake up to prepare for makeup and awaits the arrival of the groom’s party. And this day can end as late as midnight when the wedding dinner ends. It is important to keep spirits up the whole day, because the photographers will be clicking the shutter all the way, capturing the memories of the day’s events for you to keep.


Here are some tips for you to look amazing in your wedding photos:


  1. Smile


The most important thing is to shine up your smile. Do visit the dentist before the wedding to get your teeth cleaned and polished so they will sparkle on your wedding day. Be yourself and laugh genuinely, and the photos will show that it is the happiest day of your life. So just remember to keep smiling and be a happy bride.


  1. Pretend there is no camera


Do not be too bothered by the cameraman. It is the photographer’s job to capture the beautiful  moments of the day. Just be yourself and enjoy the entire day. With happy moods in the air, the photos will turn out just perfect.


  1. Non Candid shots

Of course the photos taken on your wedding day will not be all candid. There will be times when you have to pose for photos, like family photos or with friends during dinner, etc. For non-candid shots, do try to tilt the chin downwards for a sharper jawline. The face will look more elongated and slimmer, hence nicer photos too.


  1. Lean right and look tall

Another tip when posing for a photograph to be taken. Keep your upper body facing the camera, twist your lower body so that the hips are on an angle. Make sure the leg which is facing the camera should remain soft and few inches forward from the other leg. The leg at the back should bear the weight of your body. It will make you appear longer and more toned. Picture how models and actresses pose in front of the camera, that is exactly just how it is done.


  1. Feel confident

The last and most important tip is to feel beautiful and look confident. You will be glowing the entire day when you feel good about yourself. And the wedding photos will definitely bring out the best in you.