Top 5 Travel Destinations for Pre-Wedding Photography

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Pre-wedding photography is especially common for Singaporeans. Most couples will have a set of photographs taken before their wedding day, so they can showcase them on the actual day itself. Travelling overseas for pre-wedding photography is increasingly popular these days, as many couples love to have a chance to travel to really nice places away from the oh so familiar hometown for their photoshoot.


Here are the top 5 travel destinations that are attractive for Pre wedding photoshoots.


1. Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most popular destinations for pre-wedding photoshoot. Couples love the mountains and natural scenery that Taiwan offers. There is also no language barrier when they are in Taiwan. Hence, making it a lot easier to communicate to the locals there.


2. Japan

Many couples visit Japan during late March to Mid-April period, just to catch the Bloom of the Cherry Blossoms for their pre-wedding photoshoot. The photos taken during this period are amazingly beautiful! Ladies love the beautiful pink flowers covering the entire background like a blanket, as they create a romantic sight, perfect for a lovely photography with loved ones.


3. Korea

Ever since Winter Sonata became famous, couples flock to Korea to recreate their favourite scenes in their pre-wedding photographs. Korean dramas and Korean makeup are also increasingly popular among young ladies, who tend to be attracted to Korea wedding photography packages. Korea is a very romantic country to have wedding photography taken.


4. Bali

Bali has amazingly clear waters, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets that are perfect for pre-wedding photography. Lovely resorts on private islands are very common places where couples visit to have their pre-wedding photographs taken. Amongst all, Bali is also one of the cheapest options for overseas travel photography.


5. Eastern and Central Europe

Couples with higher budgets will love Europe, where nature, art and architecture add a tinge of romance to the place, hence making it a wonderful place for pre-wedding photoshoots. Paris in France, Santorini of the Greek Islands, Zurich in Switzerland, Vienna in Austria and Athens in Greece are the more popular places loved by couples.


Most Bridal shops offer wedding packages for overseas pre-wedding photography these days. And they can be customized to the couple’s unique needs and wants. It is also cheaper to get a package from bridal shops than to hire a photographer, make-up artists, gown rentals, travel tickets and accommodation ala-carte. Hence, if you are thinking of travelling to a destination of your choice for your pre-wedding photography, feel free to pop by our Bridal shop and have a look at our wide range of services we can provide for you.