5 Ideal Travel Pre Wedding Locations With Direct Flights From Singapore

bali pre wedding

bali pre wedding

Having a hard time finding a good location for travel pre wedding photography? Preparing for your travel pre wedding can be hectic and time consuming. One of the best way is to pre-arrange with a credible bridal shop in Singapore and book a direct flight to the place directly! Here are the five ideas that you can think of if you’re finding out more about travel pre wedding photography.


1 Bali

Where the beach is calm and water are clear, gentle waves rushing towards your feet. The best feeling is there for you when you are taking your pre wedding photography in beautiful Bali. With the shimmering light at a luxurious beach resort at night, it somehow gives the best romantic feeling for your wedding photos.


2 Japan (Hokkaido)

Catch the flower seasons of Japan in natural Hokkaido! Imagine taking your pre wedding photography at the wonderful flower fields of Japan. Something that will make your wedding photos look unique and special. Japan is also a great sport for natural hot spring resorts (Onsen), which features beautiful photo angles for your photographer.


3 Korea (Seoul)

Seoul is currently the most popular pre wedding photography spot today. Attractions like, namsan mountain, seorakan national park, gyeongbokgung palace as well as the many wedding themed gardens, gave you the possibility of creating many unique poses for the photo album.


4 France

Though it’s the furthest among the 5 recommended countries, France is still the best place for romantic pre wedding photography. There are some direct flights from Singapore to Paris, thus making this country an ideal wedding photography spot for our brides and grooms to be as well. Other than the iconic Eiffel Tower, couples can also take wedding photography as some of its secluded countryside, chateaus, vineyards and many other natural landscape.


5 Taiwan

Just 4 hours from Singapore, Taiwan is a great place for pre wedding photography. Couples can take quality wedding shots at the natural landscape, mountains, urban jungles, hot springs, rock cliffs, tea plantation and many more. There is also a number of wedding themed gardens in Central Taiwan where couples can take beautiful cool wedding pictures there.


In a nutshell, wherever you are for your pre wedding photography, just remember to be at your best, have fun and enjoy that little pre honeymoon as well!