Wedding Gowns Design 101

Shirley by Beautiful Love Wedding (Mix n Match Series)
Shirley by Beautiful Love Wedding (Mix n Match Series)

A simple wedding dress with personally unique embroidery and beadwork can preserve the upper limits of your budget while outfitting you in an unforgettably glamorous bridal gown befitting the happiest day of your life.

Never, ever confuse a simple wedding gown with being drably bedecked. “Simple” is chic, but at the same time, simply stylish is stunning, especially for a low-key, intimate setting without the pomp and circumstance of a grand theme. Don’t extravagantly break the bank to parade around someone else’s style. With a little ingenuity and vision, you can craft a complementary simple wedding dress starting with a basic white gown as a picture-perfect bare canvas.


  • The Right Waist

A natural waistline is a fine place to start, especially with a lovely bejeweled belt or sash. A DIY-savvy bride can even add some sparkle on her own with a little, some sewing skills, and/or a handy glue gun. Of course, if you have a healthy fear of perforating your thumb like a paycheck stub before you’re through, an in-the-know seamstress or online retailer should be able to order one in a variety of ornate, glimmering designs. Next thing you know, your simple bridal gown is already on its way to becoming something elegant, yet still understated and visionary.


  • Living Color

Your simple wedding dress’ palette need not remain entirely virginal, of course. The nice thing about a bare white gown is that sashes or ribbons in any combination of wedding colors or a brilliant handmade organza flower brooch can beautifully match up when tied into the waistline or off to the side. Looking for that “something blue”? Consider a fancy crystal brooch matched with some like wedding jewelry to really unite your look.


  • Lovely Lace

Imagine taking a blank simple wedding dress and embellishing its gorgeous silhouette with some tasteful, romantic lace to make its clean lines and minimal waist detail look truly phenomenal. If you want it to truly stand out, choose a contrasting color that pops against the gown, such as striking black-on-ivory. Of course, you can always go more understated with ivory lace against a white dress while still having a standout accent, especially with the addition of a thin belt over the lace.


Add some of that elegance to your hemline, as well, particularly if you plan to go with a completely plain skirt. Lace may be a bit too much on a simple bridal gown whose skirt has already been festooned with gathering and further details. However, in just the right measure on an austere sleeveless wedding dress, consider adding a small lace cap sleeve. The ideal place for this little finishing touch is a simple V-neck or scooped neck bridal gown with a true armhole.


Remember, the most important thing about your wedding won’t be “who” you’re wearing. Ireland is a land of things built to endure, to last – not the least of which is love. You can have a wedding that celebrates you and the one you’ve chosen to share the rest of your days with and still keep it personal, intimate, and ever-so-individually “yours”. Just keep it simple.