Wedding Gowns for Beach Weddings

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are one of the most romantic wedding ideas. The sand and waves are fantastic components of the wedding. It would be a little more difficult to plan a beach wedding. For example, many brides often wonder what kind of wedding dress is suitable to wear for a beach wedding.

The body shape is the first thing you need to consider. No matter what kind of dress you pick, you need to ensure that the dress will flatter your body, and of course it has to be comfortable as well. A beach wedding dress has to allow you to move freely and look stunning at the same time too.

Since most of the beach weddings are way too informal compared to church weddings, the rules for informal wedding dresses are not strict. But to make the ‘sand walk’ convenient, you should avoid heavy trails, long veils and satin pumps.

To avoid dirt getting onto the bridal dress, many brides tend to choose short, tea-length or baby doll silhouettes. Wedding gowns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not surprisingly, there are a number of silhouettes that would work well in a beach setting. Although many beach brides opt for shorter, baby doll or tea-length silhouettes, some brides still want to retain the look of a wedding gown by selecting a full-length silhouette. A-line and sheath silhouettes are fabulous for beach ceremonies and ocean-side receptions. If you want to pay homage to the sea, consider a mermaid silhouette. Although this is definitely a more formal gown, brides who are only holding their ceremonies on the sand (followed by a reception indoors or on the dock) will look great sporting this silhouette.

Regardless of what silhouette, waistline, and neckline you ultimately decide on, you should be aware that certain materials are more conducive for beach weddings than others. Chances are you’ll want to look for a gown that is light weight and of course made of thinner fabric, for there’s no air-conditioned outdoors.