Wedding Gowns for Different Body Shapes

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To be able to choose the right gown, you have to know which body shape suit the best type of wedding gown. There are many body shapes like apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass and the inverted triangle. So once you know of your body shape, you will get a rough idea which type of wedding gown might suitable for you. But it’s still the best if you could get a bridal representative from a good bridal shop to help you in choosing a suitable wedding gown.

Below is the list of wedding gowns available for the different unique beautiful body shapes!


Apple shaped ladies tend to have broad shoulders and slim legs, making the chest look larger than the rest of the body. Recommended wedding dress for this body shaped can be grand (empire) wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress, A-line wedding gown.


For pear-shaped ladies where the lower bottom appear to be larger than the upper area. It’ll be good to introduce gowns with long lace details in the skirt area that make the gown looks longer. A-line, empire wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress are recommended for this shape.


For rectangle body shape, you may have a straight top and bottom half with straight shoulder line. You can fit in almost all types of wedding dresses however you may need to try on relatively more wedding gowns than other shape so as to find the right wedding gown that creates a shape for the body. Here are some recommended wedding gowns for you: Empire wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress, column wedding dress, A-line, trumpet wedding dress.

Hour Glass or inverted triangle

An hour glass shaped body is typical when the waist is slightly smaller than the upper and lower body, thus forming a shape of an hour glass. Some recommended wedding dress can be trumpet (mermaid) wedding dress, A-line, empire wedding dress, column wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress where the details of your waist can be seen.

Each of the design is specially invented for different type of body shape. In order to show out the best part of your body shape, you have to choose the right type of gown. You will be getting a hard time to choose the right gown, as it requires a lot of knowledge. But finding a good bridal shop with a good bridal representative, wedding gown selection is therefore much easier.

A good bridal representative can therefore guide you to find you the type of gown which is most suitable for you, therefore bringing out your best appearance on your big day!  Remember, no matter what body shape you have, be confident in your wedding gown so as to bring out the best in you on your special day!