Wedding Insurance – A Peace of Mind

Weddings are often elaborate affairs involving not just heaps of commitment, but also huge amounts of money. An entire wedding may cost from $50,000 to more than $100,000, or even more for really lavish ones. This amount of money will be forfeited if the wedding did not manage to take place as planned due to various unforeseen circumstances, and this will result in a regrettable loss for the couple.


So how does the Wedding Insurance protect the wedding process? Here are the lists included in the coverage:


  1. Damage to Wedding Attire, Rings and Documents

Accidents do happen, and if the wedding gown gets damaged, the bridal shop may require compensation from the couple. Wedding rings and important documents may also be misplaced or lost and all these are not cheap.


  1. Damage and Loss of Wedding gifts and cash

The wedded couple may receive a lot of wedding red packets and gifts like gold jewelry

and other expensive gifts, which may be a target for robbers. In the event that these are

stolen or lost, wedding insurance is here to help.


  1. Damage and Loss to Photographs and Videos

Hiring a wedding photographer and videographer may cost a few thousands of dollars,

and if the photos and videos are damaged due to unforeseen accidents, it will be

upsetting as the couple will have no record of their wedding day process.


  1. Damage and Loss to Equipment and Decorations

Wedding equipment and decorations are also important. Couples who love to have outdoor weddings will find this helpful, as the equipment and decorations are all exposed to the weather conditions.


  1. Cancellation, Abandonment, Postponement of the Wedding

If the couple decides that they are not suitable for each other and want to cancel or postpone the wedding day, all the deposits paid will be forfeited. And these does not come cheap. If this occurs, wedding insurance will cover all the deposits paid in advance.


  1. Non-appearance due to accident and illness

If the couple or any of their close relatives gets into an accident on the wedding day, acquire an illness or passed away near to the wedding day, they will not be in the right mood to continue holding their wedding. Late notification to the hotel or wedding venue will usually result in 100% loss. Wedding insurance will cover non-appearance if the wedding is unable to take place due to accident or illnesses.


  1. Public Liability

If any damage is done to public property or property of other people during the wedding day, it will also be covered by wedding insurance.


Also, if the bridal shop closed down without informing the customers, the couple will be faced with much inconvenience and they would have to either postpone their wedding, or find another bridal shop so that they can continue to hold their wedding on the supposed date. All these events can be insured with Wedding Insurance – a small price to pay to insure the huge sum of coverage for the wedding. Hence, Wedding Insurance gives the couple a peace of mind and ensure that their wedding will go on smoothly at every stage. So why not?