Wedding Proposal 101

The four words (will you marry me?) has always been a challenge to most of the men. As it require many hours, days or even months of planning to go along with it. In order to give the most romantic proposal which your wife-may-be or wife-to-be or husband-to-be (who say girls cannot propose?), will never be forget, you really need to have a lot of courage. Below are some tips for planning of your wedding proposal!


Source for a good location. For example the first place you and your darling met, hold hands or kissed! Sometimes the most memorable places you meet, can also be your work place when both of you are co-workers. The location can also be his or her favourite restaurant, a romantic staycation or at his or her parents’ places when you pop that question with the support of the families. However, as location is important, make sure you take your time to find the best, romantic and comfortable location to say out these four important words.

Good Helpers

Plan well and ask some of your friends to come in to help too. With the help of your friends, they can come out with some great ideas which you might not have thought of. Or even help you with doing the props if there is any. You can also get the help from your wife-to-be or husband-to-be ‘s best friend too.  They will appreciate it and support you all the way to the success of the proposal!

The Photographer / Videographer

Moment of the proposal means a lot to a lady. To keep such precious memories, you might consider hiring a photographer or a videographer.  The photographer or videographer would help to capture all the moments of you and your spouse-to-be during the proposal such that you can show your wedding guests at your event. The most simpler approach is to ask a friend to help in the filming of the entire wedding proposal.

The most important thing is be true with what you need to say during the proposal that you are going to be with that someone you loved for the rest of your life. Said it from your heart such that he or she will feel it and be touched by your words.  We wish you all the best for your wedding proposal!