What to look for in a Credible Bridal Shop?

Bridal shops businesses have been around in Singapore for many decades, providing brides-to-be and grooms-to-be a wide range of services from pre wedding photography to actual day wedding gown rental services to photography and videography services.

Of the increasing numbers of bridal shops in Singapore, it is therefore important for the newly weds to choose the right bridal shop. Here are the 3 factors to look for in a credible bridal shop!

#1 Quality of Wedding Gowns

The quality of the wedding gowns show the consumers the willingness of the bridal shops to value add the services stated in their wedding package. A credible shop may source for the right amount of dresses and invest on the good quality dress for their each season or collection. They will assure the utmost quality for their customers and customers-to-be. To determine whether the quality of a particular wedding gown is of high standard or not is simple, all you have to do is feel the texture and wear it.

 #2 Quality of the Wedding Photography

Unlike wedding gowns, the quality of wedding photography can be rather subjective. Experienced or less experienced photographers can show on-par skills in terms of photography as well. So, the main thing is whether or not you like your photographer and videographer? How sincere they are in assisting you to get the best out of your photography. Are they mere doing their job as a bridal shop photographer or doing because of their passion for photography? Sometimes, this small factor might be left out by customers when signing their packages with the bridal shops, but this small factor is hence, important. Credible bridal shops will assure to their clients of the professional standards of their wedding photographers or videographers.

#3 Responsibility of the Bridal Shops

This is all the more important. Consumers need to be confident with the bridal shops and it is the responsibility of the bridal shops to show them the responsibility. Look for bridal shops that go a little step further for the customer. For example, check if the bridal shop is willing to go the extra mile such as collaborating with insurance brokers on wedding insurance so as to protect the customers’ interest and boost their confidence. Such a small action will see how responsible the bridal shops are.

Hence therefore, take your time to shop for a credible bridal shop based on the 3 qualities. Look beyond just pricing of the packages but the quality of the gowns, the quality of the wedding photography as well as the responsibility level of the bridal shops. Happy shopping!