What’s Your Pre Wedding Theme?

beautiful love wedding 1 you light up my world

There are many pre wedding themes for our brides-to-be and grooms-to-be to choose from, so sometimes it might be difficult for them to choose the theme of their pre wedding photography. Well here are some great ideas.

Your Love Story

Imagine the place where your first met and then where the proposal was. These are wonderful memories that you will not forget, so why not put these themes into your wedding album!


Beach theme is a choice that is often one of the popular choices for pre wedding venues. A peaceful and carefree walk along the coast of sandy beaches and coconut trees, with the soft beam of the sunset touching the surfaces of your lace wedding gown, will make a unique and beautiful wedding photo at the beach.

Urban Skyscrapers

Walking along the concrete jungle of our central business district with that red sassy wedding gown and the groom with his most handsome tuxedo suit, portrays a modern metropolitan wedding style for your pre wedding photos! Or a dance pose in the middle of the crowded urban sea, makes the wedding photo cool, smooth and wonderful.


Go into the oriental theme with a traditional kua for the bride and the traditional attire for the groom! An oriental theme is not just the old traditional way. Today, the bride can be dressed in stunning cheongsam or fusion cheongsam with wedding gown; something that will make this oriental pre wedding theme especial.


Retro or vintage wedding theme is something popular among the young trendy couples today! Retro can be grouped into various themes such as the pop art 70s of the western culture, or the vintage Singapore in the 60s where traditional coffeeshops, kampong houses and mama shops make good background for the wedding theme!


Although there are  lot of themes for the couple to choose, most importantly is to get the one, that both of you love to have it in your wedding albums!