Your Wedding Journey

wedding singapore

wedding singapore

The most important day of your life is getting married. Another chapter of your life begins, where you’re going to start your own family. There are unforgettable memories in this wonderful journey of wedding. Starting with a proposal, planning with your partner, finding a bridal shop for pre wedding and actual day wedding services, finding your wedding venue and many more.

 Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding is one of the many first steps towards your big day. Wearing the best quality gowns for the brides-to-be, suits for the guys and have a great pre wedding photography with a great photographer are essential elements of a good pre wedding experience. Although it’s a long day and tiring day for your pre wedding photography, it is satisfying and great; as all our these moments will stay with you deep down that memory lane. Other than finding a good bridal shop, you may also have to find the best wedding venue for your big day as well as the helpers you need to get to make sure your wedding will run smoothly and steadily.

Actual Day Wedding

During the first part of actual wedding day, gate crashing, fetching the bride and those moments of fun will never be forgotten. At the gate crash, the groom and his brothers will face the “challenges” set by the bridesmaids before reaching the bride’s chamber. At the wedding lunch or wedding dinner, be sure to put on that confident smile as you walk down the red carpet with the love of your life. Sound of applause and cheers and all those smiles from the guests, will always be part of your wedding memories. Be sure to engage an experienced actual day wedding photographer that will capture every bit of the moment in your wedding day.

After the Wedding

A new chapter begins. Life after marriage is about living with the person you love for the rest of your life. Every day will be a memorable moment for you. So, enjoy the many cool things ahead of you in this beautiful marriage!

In summary, enjoy the journey of wedding, for it is something that will makes you remember forever!